Artist Morgan Weistling Compares Apples to Oranges

Apples and Oranges by Morgan Weistling

Apples and Oranges by Artist Morgan Weistling

“You’re comparing apples to oranges!” or so the argument will often go. Does the same apply to the company of young girls and boys?

An autumn heatwave has these hard working girls pausing for a break and enjoying the fruits of their labour.  As the conversation turns from complaints of chores and schoolwork to talks of the boys in their class, they start to realize the difference between the two genders.  Boys, when not splashing in mud puddles and running around, were busy fishing with their dads or pulling girls hair.

The girls, on the other hand, starting to look at boys in a different way than they had only a few short months ago.  Afterall, the harvest festival was coming up and which of the three best friends would be the first to be asked to dance?

“There is a story underneath the story of my paintings,” explains artist Morgan Weistling, “I don’t hide the process of how I painted it. You can see the layers and count the strokes it took to get there. With some styles of painting, the closer you get to the canvas, the more you will see. With mine, the more you step back, the more detail you will see. That’s not easy, which is why it fascinates me.”

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About the Artist:

Artist Morgan Weistling

Artist Morgan Weistling

Since he has made fine art the focus of his art career, the collector demand for his originals has been overwhelming. With his masterful use of oils, Morgan Weistling brings a scene to life with spectacular lighting, creating a sense of wonder and engaging the viewer’s imagination and emotion. His dreamlike images touch the viewer’s heart, using more than sentimentality to engage the viewer. His canvases are filled with brushwork that tells a story beyond the subject matter. Like a skilled movie director, he manipulates the focus of interest with suggestions and impressions of forms that are barely realized and allow the viewer’s imagination to fill in the details.  more

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