Artist Robert Bateman: Wolves in Winter

Deep Winter-Wolves by Artist Robert Bateman

Don’t make a sound, they haven’t seen you yet.

At first glance we notice the freshly covered evergreens and a peek-a-boo ray of sunshine on this crisp winter day, but lurking behind the beauty of the season are veteran predators.  No doubt searching for their next meal, this pack of wolves is on the hunt and Bateman has captured their smooth movements within this breath-taking piece.

We’re curious…how many wolves do you see?

This new Limited Edition piece by the “master of wildlife” artist Robert Bateman is now available, and purchasers will also receive a copy of the 2012 Robert Bateman Calender.

About the artist

Artist Robert Bateman

Artist Robert Bateman

Robert Bateman has been a keen artist and naturalist from his early days. He has always painted wildlife and nature, beginning with a representational style, moving through impressionism and cubism to abstract expressionism. In his early 30’s he moved back to realism as a more suitable way to express the particularity of the planet. It is this style that has made him one of the foremost artists depicting the world of nature.

Bateman’s art reflects his commitment to ecology and preservation. Since the early 1960’s, he has been an active member of naturalist and conservation organizations, now on a global scale. He has become a spokesman for many environmental and preservation issues and has used his artwork and limited edition prints in fund-raising efforts that have provided millions of dollars for these worthy causes. more

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