Robed In White, by artist Tom Guilleon

Robed In White - Tipi in Winter by Tom Gilleon

Robed In White by artist Tom Gilleon

The tranquil landscape is quiet after a mid-winter snowfall and the residents of the teepee, robed in snow, are staying warm inside.  The short winter days give low light on the horizon, but soon the sun will sit higher in the sky and days will be longer.  There is a sense of peaceful contentment as they sit around the fire, sheltered from the season’s chilly air and anticipating the arrival of spring.

“Looking back, I was probably most influenced by the old era art directors and illustrators who had the amazing ability to quickly and simply tell a story or convey a feeling with their artwork. I believe that this simplicity and strength is the key to fine art. Light, color, value, composition and line are paramount in importance.” – R. Tom Gilleon

Artist Tom Gilleon

Artist Tom Gilleon

Tom Gilleon interpretations of the American West are genuine and unique. His paintings of native teepees are archetypal and primitive in their basic forms yet they are remarkably contemporary in composition with a sprinkling of personal symbols and humour.

Gilleon was born in 1942 and raised in Florida by his grandparents in the tiny outpost of Starke, near Jacksonville and the storied banks of the Suwannee River. His grandfather had immigrated to the United States from Scotland and became a renowned cabinetmaker. His grandmother was a full-blooded Cherokee…more

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