Flowers to warm your heart this Christmas Season by artist Marilyn Hurst


Artist Marily Hurst

Artist Marily Hurst

Marilyn Hurst art career began to flourish in the early 90’s when she discovered the hidden reservoir for creative energy. Working exclusively with a mentor, her passion for art grew and with a new found respect for the stamina and resolve needed to make the art profession work for oneself.

Born and raised in Vancouver, the natural beauty of the province was a perfect starting place to learn color, design and composition and the early 90’s were spent learning the craft.

Several years spent in Mexico, painting and running an art gallery honed her skills further and the different light, culture and landscapes gave a different slant to her palette. Marilyn Hurst had discovered that living ones life as an artist was the most important ingredient to becoming an artist.

The artist resides and paints from her studios in White Rock, BC and Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico, inspiring places to live the life of an artist.

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