Lamar Libations – American Bison by artist Daniel Smith

Lamar Libations by artist Daniel Smith

Lamar Libations by artist Daniel Smith

“Bison are the North American version of Cape Buffalo, I’ve been on foot around them in their habitat and to say they are intimidating is an understatement. What I enjoy about this painting is that its sedentary feel is in such contrast to the intense nature of the beast. ..Painting the fur on the American Bison is a challenge in my highly realistic style. But when I do that successfully, you can get a real sense of proximity to this incredible  beast. The smooth water of the Lamar River carries golden reflections of the surrounding prairie intermingled with the blue patches of sky. I am really pleased with how this painting came out.”

– Daniel Smith

The Lamar Valley is located in the remote north eastern corner of Yellowstone  National Park. A destination for serious wildlife-watching, it is home to elk, wolves, bear and bison.

Lamar Libations was unveiled at the 2011 Prix De West Invitational Art Exhibition and Sale at The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City.

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