Garden Wedding by Trisha Romance

Garden Wedding by artist Trisha Romance

Garden Wedding by artist Trisha Romance


“The fascination with weddings continues with our Tanya. Not just the wedding however…but love, marriage and babies are always a subject for question and conversation with her. At four years of age she has trouble pronouncing wedding veil, but she is absolutely definite as to how it should look. ‘Can I have a ‘Bale’ one hundred feet long?’ “…  – Trisha Romance

Trisha Romance

Artist Trisha Romance

There is an immediate feeling of contentment when you see Trisha’s work for the first time; an unexplainable peace which seems to permeate from the very soul of art. Perhaps it’s her ability to capture the simplicity of everyday life’ or the gentle nuances of newly fallen snow. It is through these works of art which leaves us spiritually restored and renewed. The world that Trisha paints is her world – her family, her home, beloved landscapes and buildings and the serenity of many paintings is true to life. more

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