Modern seascapes by contemporary master Ford Smith


Contemplation, Soothing Rhytm and Moonlight Surge are three new “Seascape” images by artist Ford Smith . Like his landscapes, these three new ocean pieces have an otherworldly quality about them.   Ford Smith conveys with his paintings  a  feeling that this artist has created art that transcends his subject matter. The modern landscape and seascape has arrived.

Artist Ford Smith

Artist Ford Smith

Ford Smith never paints from a photograph – nor does he do studies. Instead, he enjoys the freedom and creative abandon to see where an impulse might lead. The intensity of working over a single piece to finish it makes the process very physical. Well known for his mosaics, splashes and seemingly endless ways of abstracting reflections, he lets layers of paint – acrylics on canvas – drip and flow, just letting things happen.

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