With her paintings Artist Judy Larson tells a story revealing the beauty of animals

Fearless by Judy Larson

Fearless Original by artist Judy Larson

“My desire is to engage viewers on three levels: first, by revealing the beauty of animals through intricate detail; second, by concealing a hidden image that draws the viewer to examine the painting more closely and through which I can tell a story; and third, by promoting a deeper awareness of the environment on a level that will hopefully have an impact.”

-Judy Larson

“Fearless” by artist Judy Larson is one of the originals by this artist that will be featured during the 7th Masterpieces in Miniature in Sherwood Park, AB.  This exhibition is  presented by the Gallery At Picture This and is an invitational art show that features over 45 artists of stature from across North America. See more on the show.

Artist Judy Larson

Artist Judy Larson

Two themes predominate, and often converge, in Judy Larson’s “art of concealed imagery”: the precarious balance of wildlife in today’s environment and the fate of Native Americans whom Larson especially admires for their intuitive understanding of ecological balance. Judy Larson’s unique approach to her work is through the use of the rare and demanding scratchboard technique. Working on smooth Clayboard, a board with a white china clay surface, she paints her subject solidly with black India ink. Then, using an X-Acto knife and blades that she changes every few minutes, she scratches out magnificent detail.  more

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