Whitey at Day’s End by Miniature Artist Rachelle Siegrist

Whitey At Days End by artist Rachelle Siegrist
Whitey At Day’s End by artist Rachelle Siegrist

“Whitey was my parent’s pet chicken and I loved spending time with her when visiting them. She would follow me around as I looked for bugs by turning over rocks and dead logs, and scratching the dirt with a stick. When I found bugs for her to eat, I would make clucking noises and she would come running over to me and would gobble them down! We were good buddies and made quite a team”.

– Rachelle Siegrist

 “Whitey at Day’s End” is one of the originals by Rachelle Siegrist that will be  featured during the coming  Masterpieces in Miniature in Sherwood Park, Ab.  This show is  presented by the Gallery At Picture This and is an invitational art show that features over 45 artists of stature from across North America. See more on the show.

Artist Rachelle Siegrist
Artist Rachelle Siegrist

Rachelle Siegrist is a very acomplished arist in the field of Miniature art. Rachelle Siegrist is a signature member of the Hilliard Society, the Miniature Artists of America, the Society of Animal Artists, the Cider Painters of America, the Miniature Painters Sculptors and Gravers Society of Washington, D.C., and the Miniature Art Society of Florida.  See more credentials

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