Sculptor Vance Theoret and Painter Jonn Einerssen Spring 2011 Exhibition at Picture This


Art exhibition and sale  of Jonn Einerssen  and Vance Theoret latest works presented by Picture This Framing and Gallery will take place between  April  7th and April 23rd 2011. map

This show is an exclusive exhibition of new works by artists  Jonn Einerssen and Vance Theoret. It opens on Thursday April 7th at 5 pm till 8pm with the artists in attendance and the show continues until April 23rd  from 10 to 6 pm daily.

Artist Jonn Einerssen

Artist Jonn Einerssen

Jonn Einerssen’s original oil paintings are distinguished by  harmonious play of light and colour. His bold and realistic works are inspired by the raw, uncontrolled power of nature, and wide open spaces of the oceans and prairies. The artist sees his paintings as a mix of craft and philosophy, a subject of which he never tires, and the inspiration for spirited conversation among old friends, and new ones. “I approach a painting out of a desire for self expression,” he says. “But also from what I see in others”. more


Artist Vance Theoret

Artist Vance Theoret

B.C. artist Vance Theoret exposes in his works his passion for British Columbia and the wildlife that inhabits it. Using  alabaster and soapstone, along with slates, chlorite and moose antlers the artist lets the stone  guide him with its natural forms and inclinations and obtains  an elegant and uncomplicated sculpture that has incorporated his unmistakable touch. more


You can meet these artists in person during the evening of April 7th from 5 pm to 8 pm and join us for an artist reception.

See more art by Vance Theoret and Jonn Einerssen.

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