Artist Christopher M. pays a tribute to the culinary arts with his paintings

Labor of Love by artist Christopher M  -  Pastry Cheff

Labor of Love by artist Christopher M

In “Labor of Love” Christopher M. combines his ingredients of composition, color, texture and a mastery of realism to inspire us to appreciate the splendour of “cake couture”. Something blue permeates his canvas with monochromatic shades of creamy and shimmering whites. The artist’s vertical composition reveals the chef’s prolific and unbounded creativity as he is surrounded by the towering masterpieces that fill his patisserie. The artist’s own impasto technique is applied like perfectly blended frosting. This engaging portrait pays tribute to all the extraordinary things in life that are born of hard work and dedication. To the artist life is work and work is life.

Artist Christopher M.

Artist Christopher M.


 Christopher M. creates drama in sharing his personal appreciation for a job well done. “Like a Master Chef striving to create culinary excellence, he needs the same proper tools, training and passion as any fine artist to create a thing of beauty for someone else’s consumption.” The images fluid with motion captures a stream of consciousness stemming from the artists appreciation for the hard work and creativity that goes into any appreciable art form.   more

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