The Art of Ford Smith has unique composition and texture

Transcendental Tribute by Ford Smith

Transcendental Tribute by artist Ford Smith

 “Like life, my work often transforms from its original idea…following a creative instinct wherever it leads is where the fun and fascination lie. Each painting is a unique journey with an undefined destination.”

– Ford Smith

Artist Ford Smith

Artist Ford Smith

The intensity of working over a single piece to finish it makes the process very physical. Ford Smith lets layers of paint – acrylics on canvas – drip and flow, just letting things happen. “I was taught in college to let the paint find the imagery,” he recalls. Still, there is less accident in achieving these surfaces than one might think. They’re a study in control and spontaneity, because while Ford may allow the materials to find their own expression, he then moves to manipulate them to achieve their unique composition and texture. more

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