The Oldest Angel by James C. Christensen

The Oldest Angel by James C. Christensen

The Oldest Angel by artist James C. Christensen

“The concept for this ancient angel came completely out of the blue. He started as a drawing in my sketchbook and he looked like he had been around forever. I see him at almost the farthest reaches of eternity. Every night he climbs up that little trail and holds out his candle. It’s almost as if the candle were the stars. You can make up your own story about this fellow. Where is he? Why is he here? Maybe he likes this spot. Maybe he’s been up there, watching, since before the beginning of the world. Maybe he’s a grandfather figure and this is where he answers the prayers of the little ones. I think of this angel the same way I think of people who stay in those little, out-of-the-way, mom-and-pop stores. When you ask them why they stay there, they say, ‘Hey, it’s my little spot and I like it here.'”

– James C. Christensen

Christensen’s career as an artist and art professor has equipped him to be a great communicator, or perhaps the fact that he is especially articulate for a visual artist has made him a master teacher. His wide-ranging commentary is as engaging as his art. The range of subject matter and style are a testament to the artist’s imagination, creativity and understanding of art history. Christensen’s drive to connect with the world weaves through his work like a ribbon, over mermaids, under saints and around hunchbacks. The paintings communicate on a level that is as personal as it is universal.  more

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