Picture This artist – Robert Bailey commissioned by Star Wars creator George Lucas

Artist Robert Bailey

Jamie Bailey, Robert Bailey, George Lucas and Lyn Giovanniello at Skywalker Ranch.


Overlord Betrayal by artist Robert Bailey

Overlord Betrayal by artist Robert Bailey

Works by Picture This artist Robert Bailey were used in the new Star Wars book  by George Lucas. The artist committed 12 months of his time to paint four pieces comissioned by the  Star Wars  creator. Bailey studied exhaustively the movies and Star Wars reference material to complete his works. Three of the pieces appeared in the book  including “Overlord Betrayal” and the forth one remains in George Lucas’ personal collection.

Brush With History by Robert Bailey

Typhoon Fury by artist Robert Bailey

Artist Robert Bailey specializes in warplane paintings. He was contacted by  Lucas after Lucas seen Bailey’s website. The artist was born and raised in Staffordshire, England, now he resides in Stony Plain Alberta.  A professional, best-selling combat artist, Robert Bailey’s art is widely collected in five countries around the world. more  


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