Artist Brent Heighton from The Western Lights Artist Group – Fall Show in Edmonton

Changing Seasosn by Brent Heighton
Changing Seasons by artist Brent Heighton

 “I take a piece of paper and pull something out of it. I don’t necessarily know at the beginning where I’m going. I just have to follow what the medium tells me to do. What begins as an abstract design may turn out to be representational. And some pieces that start out representational may turn out more abstract. For me, that’s what’s exciting”. Says artist Brent Heighton describing his style. His acrylics and watercolours are sold in more than 30 countries worldwide.  Brent Heighton’s works reflect Canada’s Pacific Coast  and the artist love for natural elements.  In the artist own words: “I don’t attempt to make social commentaries, I work instead with natural elements. They’re passive, serene and, for me, a rest from the way things are around us today”.

“Changing Seasons” is one of Brent Heighton’s latest originals that will be featured during the Western Lights Artists Group Fall Show in Edmonton.  This show is presented  by Picture This Gallery and will take place between November 1st. and 5th 2010 at The Central Rotunda, Commerce Place in Edmonton.

  You can meet Brent Heighton in person the evening of November 3rd, along with an exclusive preview of his latest works. The artist is one of  five members of the Western Lights Artists Group; a group that stands out as one of the best in Canadian art. New original works by this group will also be featured during this show.

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