The Metal Art of Greg Metz

“Rhapsody in Blue”  started as a drawing……

“ Nothing excites me more than using my imagination. To dream a sculpture, draw it and then form it into a work that will make people smile is a wonderful feeling. I find myself smiling as I see each ‘dream’ materialize in my hands. It feels like magic……….” says artist Greg Metz


Metal Artist Greg Metz

Artist Greg Metz

Greg Metz is a Canadian artist who loves to build. He has worked in industrial fabrication and management, with a varied background including shipbuilding, heavy duty equipment design and fabrication for the farming and forestry industries, and stainless steel design and fabrication. Metz is known for his polished figures in flowing lines, dynamic curves, and contemporary subject matter, his sculptures range from elegant to jazzy to dreamlike. Each piece is hand-cut with an oxy-acetylene torch, which is also used to heat, curve and colour his flowing works. His small hand grinder is his paintbrush. It is used to grind ‘brushstrokes’ into the steel. more

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