ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: STEVEN CSORBA – Power and Energy through Art

Showing Off by artist Steven Csorba

Steven Csorba is known for his paintings of sports legends like Wayne Gretzky and Muhammad Ali – and his commemorative works celebrating historical events like the Olympic Games, and famous teams like Notre Dame Football. You can find his paintings in the National Art Museum of Sports, and in other prominent public and private collections.  

Steven is also an award winning printmaker and his visionary work has been recognized by the Smithsonian Institute. He is a longtime resident of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada who has devoted countless hours of community service and who campaigns to encourage others to become involved in the lives of Edmonton children.  

Artist Steven Csorba

In 2003, Steven Csorba was diagnosed with cancer of the jaw and underwent 14 hours of surgery, seven weeks of radiation treatments, and four years of recuperation. Steven sees himself as more than just a cancer survivor – but rather an artist who can take the lessons he learned from his cancer experience and help the world “see hope” in a completely different way. Steven wants to accomplish this through the power and energy of the art that he created during his four year cancer period.  

In his recent work, Csorba explores subject matter that is every bit as accessible as it is deeply personal, using unique elements in remarkably original compositions. 

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