Artist Jonn Einerssen – Art with Force and Beauty

Western Angle by artist Jonn Einerssen

Western Angle by artist Jonn Einerssen



Jonn Einerssen’s paintings are distinguished by a force and beauty which reflects the artist’s own powerful vision and a philosophical, spiritual approach to his art.

Jonn Einerssen works almost exclusively in oils, layering glazes to create a translucent and harmonious play of light and colour. While each painting is a bold, realistic interpretation, it begins with an impressionistic approach.

The artist blocks in a painting from a feeling, a process that may take form several hours to a day. He then works other block ins until the feelings subside, progressing to a technical approach which puts the” feeling” into an intense, recognizable form.

Remarkably, Einerssen, born in 1949, did not begin painting or even sketching until he was 21. Both privately and self-taught, he quickly became a flourishing, self-sustaining artist, capturing the attention of private and corporate collectors. He conducts workshops throughout the year, passing on this disciplined approach to aspiring artists while demonstrating

Artist Jonn Einerssen

Artist Jonn Einerssen

his masterful style and technique.

To meet the artist in person and view more of his new works you can see the Western Lights Artist Group Edmonton Fall Show presented by The Gallery at Picture This 959 Ordze Rd., Sherwood Park, AB on October 23th and 24th, 2009

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