Artist Brent Heighton Travels the World in search of Ideas to Paint

Reflections by artist Brent Heighton

Brent Heighton has been painting for over 20 years.  Working as a fulltime Artist has allowed Brent to travel all over the world in search of ideas and things to paint. Brent has travelled with his family to Europe, spending time in France, Holland, Belgium, and as far south as Greece. All the time with paints and brushes in hand, always looking for that inspiration just around the corner. The difference of light in a place like Greece compared to Cornwall, England is very exciting says Brent.
 During the last few years Brent has travelled to Mexico numerous times. The Architecture, the people, and the light that keeps enticing Brent back there, “I find Mexico helps my creative juices start to flow when I’m there and I love the color of the light.” says Brent. 

Brent Heighton is a member of the Western Lights Artists Group. You can meet Brent Heigton in person and view his new works  November 5th till 7th, 2008 at Commerce Place in Edmonton. For more info click here.

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