Artist Roger Arndt – Painter of Hallmark Scenes

Lowe Inlet Falls by artist Roger Arndt

 Roger Arndt’s hallmark scenes of towering Rocky Mountains, Western Forests, Pacific Shores and gardens have capturated the attention of fine art collectors worldwide. Roger’s work is distinguished by a luminous and mystical quality that sits inspiration in all who sees his work.  He began to see the world through an artistic eye at the age of twelve, when he set out on his journey into the world of fine art. Roger was moved by the power and majesty of the mountains. His soul inspired, he began to paint these vast and glorious monuments. Arndt also became fascinated with west coast Haida totems. He wanted to add structure to his paintings, and after studying the history of totems at the University of British Columbia, he began to incorporate them into his ocean paintings.

Roger Arndt is a member of the Western Lights Artists Group. You can meet Roger Arndt in person and view his new works  November 5th till 7th, 2008 at Commerce Place in Edmonton. For more info click here.

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