Picture This Announces New Artist – FORD SMITH

Distant Memory by Ford Smith

Distant Memory by Ford Smith

Rollie & Carol LaMarche of Picture This with artist Ford Smith

Rollie & Carol LaMarche of Picture This with artist Ford Smith

Picture This announces the addition of FORD SMITH as a new artist to the gallery. FORD SMITH was named as a Top Artist for the Second year in a row by Today’s Top Artists magazine a supplement of Art Business News and they  have  graciously given us permission to share their interview with you:


As a Top Artist for the second year in a row, what’s new in the life of Ford Smith?


Ford Smith:    On a personal level, my wife and I became empty-nesters last year when our youngest child, Hilary went off to college. We’re a little surprised to find out how much we’re enjoying this new freedom! As a result of having the house to ourselves, we’ve been doing a lot more entertaining and traveling. I can also focus more on painting. We miss seeing her every day but find we’re managing pretty well!


How do you feel your work has progressed in the past year?


Ford Smith:   Like any other talent or endeavor, the more you do it, the better you be­come. There’s a creative confidence that grows with every painting. Plus, I’m spending a lot more time with every detail, and I think that shows.


Which new piece are you most excited about?


Ford Smith:  I just finished a really large vertical painting (72 x 48 inches) called “Twi­light Sentry” that I’m really happy with. It was creatively challenging for me and blended several of my favorite painting styles. You can see the city lights from a distant town, which is something I’ve been experimenting with. I like the way they’re turning out.


You’ve also just introduced the biggest giclee release to date. Tell us some of the highlights of this release.


Ford Smith:   We felt that we shouldn’t limit the ability for people to collect what many people consider my most exciting work. Plus, I started new seascapes that were fun to paint and seemed to have a large demand. Sometimes it’s hard to decide what painting to release as a limited edition, but this new collection sort of came together as if by destiny.


What are your future artistic aspirations?


Ford Smith:  Eventually, I’ll explore other subject matters. Perhaps figurative first, then still life and some abstract. I’d be in­terested in doing cityscapes, too. But I feel I’ve still got plenty of landscapes to create before I’m out of ideas. It’s kind of an endless subject matter for artistic interpretation.

To view artwork by Ford Smith click here.

Interview article used with permission by Art Business News.

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