New Artist: Simon Bull

Simon Bull
“East of Eden” by Simon Bull

Picture This! has a new artist whose colourful landscapes, florals and abstracts are gracing the gallery walls. British-born artist Simon Bull spent his childhood in Europe, South America and Hong Kong. Blending the delicacy of eastern art with the colours of the jungle and detail of European culture, Bull has been shaped by these experiences. The vibrancy of these cultures explode onto his canvas.

An early bloomer, Bull won his first art competition at the age of six, a trend which followed him throughout life to the present. His work is now collected by museums, celebrities, and royalty as well as private collectors attracted to the colour and almost magnetic pull in his work.

Over time, Bull’s work has evolved with him even as a youth, he painted. At art school, he became fascinated with printmaking, and following that, travelled the world with his watercolours ready to put to paper each new view. Then he became consumed with painting his inner world as a more spiritual turn occurred. He has now found a distinctive style, his ability to work with colour has defined him.

His first one-man show at London’s famed luxury department store, Harrods, sold out and led to the Queen herself acquiring pieces for her collection. Of this show, he says on his website “People were being transported, the colors and imagery were becoming a means of conveying the viewer into another world, the miracle was happening. People were being hit right in their emotional center.”

Bull creates more than paintings, he creates experiences which art lovers all over the world can enjoy. His new piece, “East of Eden”, is featured as a hand-signed giclée in the gallery. See more of Simon Bull’s art here.

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